Author: Jóhanna Landgren

  • Sleeping Gods

  • First board game of 2021: My City

    First board game of 2021: My City

    First up this year board game-wise was My City, which me and my husband played the first chapter of together earlier today. Personally, I enjoy myself more knowing I’m not getting myself into really time consuming sessions that require heavy thinking, so this is a perfect fit for me. It’s a lot like playing Tetris […]

  • The retired web developer

    In summer of 2019 while being at the end of my parental leave, one of my side projects included building my husband’s website, for his first book launch. He himself would’ve been more than pleased with a simple WordPress setup, but as stubbornness is another one of my flaws, I couldn’t bring myself to just […]

  • Another year, another blog

    I briefly considered potential new year’s resolutions yesterday, and quickly came up with two; to work on my patience, and to get back into blogging. Regarding my patience, it’s a flaw I’ve carried since at least my teenage years. One that could flourish without notice in Sweden, where people subconsciously follow strict social rules – […]