Another year, another blog

I briefly considered potential new year’s resolutions yesterday, and quickly came up with two; to work on my patience, and to get back into blogging.

Regarding my patience, it’s a flaw I’ve carried since at least my teenage years. One that could flourish without notice in Sweden, where people subconsciously follow strict social rules – but that become very apparent after a few years of living in a more laid-back country like Iceland. A country where people have no problem leaving their carts in a way where they block entire aisles, or stop to make phone calls before they proceed driving into roundabouts. In my case however I think it’s a little more extreme than that of an average Swede; a bit more rooted into my inheritance, and about time I do something about.

As for blogging, it’s something I’ve always wanted to get in the habit of doing, but never been able to keep up. A few years ago I gave up on trying entirely, but I feel now could be a good time to give it another go. What’s different from then is however that I now have a husband and a daughter, which give me even less time to blog, but on the other hand more to blog about. Potential topics that might make its appearance is everything between parenthood, marriage hood, board games, computer games, occasional travels, and with all likelihood game development in Unity and Unreal. Simply whatever I will feel in the mood to write about.

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